Barro Negro

Barro Negro pottery

The process

The process: San Bartolo Coyotepec town, is located to the south of Oaxaca city, and it is the place where the traditional process in the development of Barro begins with the extraction of local raw materials, in which rudimentary tools were used for centuries accompanied by complex manual techniques. (“LA MINA/THE MINE”) a place that is located in the foothills of the area of the municipality of San Bartolo Coyotepec It is ideal for the formation of new layers of earth due to a natural process where soil erosion results in suitable clay to make mud.(mud in Mexico is known as Barro) The lumps or chuncks obtained are transported to the community in motor vehicles, and even by donkeys or mules. Later, in the workshops the process begins, petates are extended in order to dry the clay with sunbeams. After that artesans get rid of Little stones they can find cause in case they do not noticed those stones, the craft created would break or cracked at the baking process. In the final stage of craft preparation the craft is soaked for a few days (known as maturation process) the product is kneaded with the feet to get a sticky paste, this on mats made of palm, the result of this would be quickly stored to avoid the lose of moisture and is ready for use. The firewood used in the process is also bought in the same community and also is bought in Ocotlán, Miahuatlán y Zaachila